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All Sports All People started back with the help of the Trillium Foundation and the Elmvale Bears sledge hockey team. The vision was sparked after one of our worker’s sons (who uses a walker to assist him in getting around) was registered for a summer soccer program but eventually turned down, and money was sent back with the reason being that his son was “Slowing down the other kids”.

We don’t have to say much more when it comes to a situation like this. No one wants their child to go through this embarrassing, degrading process. So with the help of many of our partners in this area-- we are going to try our best to ensure no child is left behind, pushed out or told their “too slow”to partake in physical activities with their peers. We want a better community, a more inclusive Canada.. And we are starting one partnership at a time to make that happen.

Sledge hockey

One of Canada's most popular Paralympic sports, Sledge Hockey
(or Para Ice Hockey) is one of the many sports that teaches the value in team work, independence and having a positive attitude-- not to mention fun! We are very pleased to offer the opportunity for people to get out on the ice and try this fantastic sport.

wheelchair basketball

Wheelchair basketball is one of the largest summer para-sports you can play.  It's fast pace, teamwork oriented system makes for a great sport for anyone to play. We love getting out on the court and teaching the basics, and showcasing this amazing sport. 


Have you ever wanted to dive into something really fun and fantastic exercise?! You have to check our webpage for our famous water polo practices. Chantelle will be sure to help get you in top shape ;)

Hand cycling

Hand cycling is one of our more laid back programs, it gives participants the ability to be independent but also learn the technical side to riding, with the opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the ability to venture out and have total control over where you go. 


Are you looking to do some family activities but don't have the money to purchase the special equipment your loved one needs. We have a lending system for our equipment that allows you to borrow something of ours, as long as we don't need it for a program.


APRIL 2018

I have spent the past few months volunteering with All Sports All People, and it has been an incredible time. This was my first experience with sledge hockey, and I absolutely loved it! Being able to help run the programming was a lot of fun, and it was incredible watching children of all abilities come on to the ice and really enjoy themselves while they learned the sport. All Sports All People is making a huge impact in the lives of many children and families, and I am proud to be a part of it

- Amber , 2018 All Sports All People Volunteer


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